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everyone else wouldn’t understand.

I just watched your interview and I was so intrigued; sixty minutes, undivided attention, amazement. I was sitting there like “wow.. I’ve interacted with him. I’ve told him about my personal life, and he’s responded and helped me.” I’m always in need of advice but those surrounding me are unable to provide. And I understand. So, I go to the man who I idolize. Yes, him. Without anything holding me back, I had this insane amount of courage. My questions/problems/ concerns were delivered with the intent that I’d receive no response. Simply because you are YOU. The man, the shit, the guy that was on the cover of magazines, the one whose music I’d listen to for hours on end. Who was I? I was just a fan, some girl who.. who admired you like everyone else. Never in a million years would I have thought that it would’ve went this far. Two years, several interactions, and an altered state of mind later, I credit you.
Thank you so much, sir.


waiting for the day that we actually exchange phrases.

it happened!.. well sorta


i hope i lose 800 pounds by tomorrow morning

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I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to be around anyone.

Mom:Why don't you go out w/ your friends today?


TURNT UP? more like learnt up. stay in school

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" do not tell her you love her if you are not ready for her to call you at 3 AM freaking out.
do not tell her you love her if you cannot handle her father or mother.
do not tell her you love her if you cannot love her at her worse.
do not tell her you love her if you only crave for her curves, not her mind.
do not tell her you love her if you cannot deal with her mood swings.
do not tell her you love her just to have sex.
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